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Coyote Ridge Ranch

Raising organic fruits and vegetables.

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Coyote Ridge Ranch


We welcome u-pick customers so they may know how their food is produced and know their food is fresh. The price range is below market prices for organic fruits and vegetables and sometimes even beats conventionally grown produce. We specialize in heirloom tomatoes and also offer u-pick flowers and fruits, besides a wide variety of vegetables.

Find prices and information on the Coyote Ridge Ranch Facebook Page or scroll down for contact info. 
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Their vegetable starts are healthy, sturdy, and just the right size. Great variety! Amazing tomatoes!

Amazing U-Pick experience! Went home with a ton of produce and only spent around $25. Turned the tomatillos, red onion, and cilantro into an awesome salsa for breakfast omelets!

Best selection of tomato plants anywhere.

Knowledgeable staff · Organic products · Local produce

Operating Hours

Mon-Sun 7am - 6:30pm


To best reach Coyote Ridge Ranch or Val, you can call or text the cell number. 
Currently U-pick only.
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